Rising 6th Grade Parents

Welcome to Daniels!  Daniels Middle School is a great place to be! Our vibrant PTA strives to support our students and staff in a variety of ways.  We contribute financially by supplementing teacher instructional programs, supplies and equipment. We run a school-wide Character Education Program, an outstanding Tutoring Program, Grounds Improvements, the Book Fair, Staff Appreciation, Academic Booster Club and of course, our annual Blue Jacket Jamboree—just to name a few.

We invite you to join, and become involved in the PTA. Whatever your talent, interest, or time availability, we can help you find a perfect fit.   We would LOVE to plug you in to the Daniels community!  Fill out our interest survey so we can help get you involved from day one.


CAMP EXCEL: Rising 6th Grade Students should plan to attend Camp Excel at Daniels Middle School from 10a-12p on August 23rd.  Students will pickup their schedules, go to their teams and meet their teachers, see their lockers and walk their schedules.  A fabulous opportunity to help your 6th graders feel incredibly confident before they walk in on the first day of school.  If you are unable to attend in the morning, please plan to come to the school from 5-7p to pick up your schedules and enjoy a short open house.

Rising 6th Grade Students and Families:
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Daniels Middle School Student Services website including 6th grade course guide.

DMS Carpool Map – Start the year off right by knowing how to navigate carpool.

Community Service Program – The Community Service program is a crucial component of the Daniels Magnet Middle School Program. The goal of the program is to teach responsible citizenship and help young adolescents look outward at the world. Sixth Grade students are required to complete 10 hours. Students are encouraged to complete community service throughout the school year and during the summer prior to the school year.  Students may complete more than the required hours. There will be opportunities to complete some hours through school activities. A record of service must be maintained for each student.

School Supply List (6th grade supply list/ may change) – Be prepared and ready on day one for a successful start to middle school!

DMS Athletics Website  – Come see a game this Spring!  (6th graders are not eligible to play school sponsored sports but are able to be managers)