Many thanks to all the staff, parents, students and countless volunteers who helped make the 2017 Blue Jacket Jamboree a SUCCESS!! We had five sponsorship levels to choose from; each generating a generous amount of funds for the PTA! Special thanks to our Jamboree sponsors…. We could not do the Blue Jacket Jamboree without you!

Diamond Level ($500.00)

DeAnn and Ashley Alphin
Sally and Rob Burlington
The Connell Family
The Corsmeier Family
The Disbrow Family
The Fortier Family
The Jones Family
The Mickle Family
Paige and Steven Peden
The Rand Family
The Summerlin Family
The Tanner Family

Platinum Level ($250.00-$499.00)

Kim and Bat Barber
Katie and Robert Brown
The Carlin Family
The Jelenevsky Family
The Garside Family
Beth and George Holden
The Lilly Family
The Merriman Family
Sterling and Jim Wheless

Silver Level (100.00-$249.00)

The Bromhal Family
Juli and Henry Clark
In Honor of Duncan and Hardy Connell
The Fullbright Family
Alicia and Thomas Haugh
Margaret and Bill Kline
Rachel and David Lewis
Maddox Malone
The Marsh Family
Tonya and Eric Mills
Stacey and Brooks Penn
Sonya and Ahmed Ramadan
Amanda and Bobby Ramseur
Jessica and Nash Redwine
Small Talk LLC
The Little Red Hen
The Young Family

Bronze Level ($50.00-$99.00)

The Berg Family
The Byrd Family
The Crowther Family
Susan and David Divine
The Galbo Family
The Herring Family
The Lund Family
The McNamara Family
Katie and Mark Moye
Dana and Jay Parrish
The Robertson Family

2016 Fall Fundraiser!

Key dates!

fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teams

  • Sept. 6 — Kickoff!
    Information regarding product sales arrives home with your student
  • Sept. 19 — FINAL day to turn in orders AND make online donations! (EXTENDED UNTIL FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23rd!)
  • Oct. 13 — Main Event celebration (need to hit Goal Sales OR specified donation amount to attend)— Fun, games, dancing and more…
  • Oct. 18 — Fundraising products distributed to students for immediate delivery.
  • TBD — Special events for top sellers (will need to hit Goal Sales* OR specified donation amounts to attend), as well as Pizza Parties for top-selling homerooms!

 *Goal Sales amounts for Main Event and
Top Sellers will be sent home with fundraising details.

Want to contribute directly to the fundraiser and not sell items?
Donate online and your child will still receive all of the special perks as sellers!

(subject to change):

The Singer Family (103 items)
The Asogu Family (55 items)
The Byers Family (47 items)
The Dewberry Family (47 items)

(updated as of 9/29/16 — list only reflects NO FUSS contributions received online or by check- items sold will be added to total for calculating incentives for students):

Bonus Prize Level ($800.00):
Brooke and Jeff Cummings
Colleen Cerniglia, Broker

Cash Vault Level ($600.00):
The Galardi Family

Money Wheel Level ($400.00)
The Mickle Family

Limo, Lunch & Bowling at the Alley Level ($300.00):
Susan and Jack Haller
Beth and George Holden
The Katzenbach Family
Rachel and David Lewis
The Risinger Family ($350)
Sally and Henry Tanner
The Warren Family ($320)
The Henninger and Williams Family

Prize Store Level ($150.00):
Alice and Ben Butler
The Corbett Family ($250)
The Deans Family
Toni and Joshua Dittmer
V. Denise Everett, MD
Mr. and Mrs. David Kenoyer
Kathleen and Steve Liebowitz
The Lilly Family ($250)
Betsy and John Livesay
The Malone Family
The Merriman Family
The Savery Family ($250)
The Scott Family
Lynn and Scott Smith
Kristie and David Willis
The York Family

Cash Basketball Level ($100.00):
Kim and Bat Barber
Maggie and Todd Barlow
The Berg Family
Courtney and Mark Black
The Bromhal Family
Katie and Robert Brown
Sally and Rob Burlington
Friend of the Byers Family
Tammy and Sam Cloyd
Kara and Christian Cypher
Shea and Edward Denning
Amy and Kent Fullbright
The Highland Family
Debbie and Chris Hill
Bonnie and Chip Hopkins
Pam and George Howard
Amy and Eric Huang
Kris and David Jackson
Stephanie Johnson-Disbrow
Annie Kinney
The Lauck Family
Lynn and Scott Lewis
The Lindsay Family
Alicia and Tyler Morris
Stacey and Brooks Penn
The Rand Family
The Reece Family
Jennifer and Blake Roberson
Anneliese Scheef
Elizabeth and Jeremy Smith
The Swicegood Family
The Valdespino Family

Main Event Level ($50.00):
The Altman Family
The Aranyak Family
Meredith and Van Barnette
The Benson Family
Sara and Camden Betz
Sherrod and Tim Blinsmon
Mary and Kevin Brice
The Brown Family
Sandra and Steve Byrd
The Cameron Family
The Carey Family
The Carlin Family
The Carr Family
The Casino Family
The Connor Family
Morgan Corbett
The Crowther Family
Susan and David Divine
The Doerfler Family
Cindy and Bobby Douglas
The Elis Family
The Estrada Family
Jimi and Lily Felton
The Ferrari Family
Melissa and Bill Ferrell
The Fetvedt Family
The Fogleman Family
The Fortier Family
Tracy Frazier
Julie and Wes Galbo
Molly and Mark Gauley
Dr. Scotty and Kelly Gibbs
Nathalie and Charles Greene
Heather Hall
The Handlon Family
The Hardesty Family
The Hartung Family
The Heavner Family
The Herring Family
The Holmes Family
Allison Greenwood and Travis Jackson
The Jelenevsky Family
The Johnson Family
The Johnstone Family
The Jones Family
The Kibbe Family
Margaret and Bill Kline
Susan and Jeff Kuller
Jennifer and Scott Leandro
The Levinson Family
Jamie and Taylor Leutze
Sara Katherine and John Little
Kinney’s Electrical Services
Tracy and John Manning
The Marshall Family
The Martin Family
The Mason Family
Monte Matthews
The McConnell Family
The Merriman Family
The Midkiff Family
Katie and Mark Moye
Claire Vogeley and Kursad Oney
The Oxford Family
Paige and Steven Peden
Katherine and Jon Poole
Allison and Brian Pollard
Nikki and Bryan Powell
The Prevette Family
Jina and Buck Propst
The Rahlan Family
The Ralston Family
Mandy Thayer and Chris Reid
The Rideout Family
The Robertson Family
The Rokita Family
Maria and Rafael Ruiz
The Salvatore Family
The Sheve Family
The Schillmoller Family
The Scott Family
The Sexsmith Family
Keri and Foster Sikes
The Smith Family
The Stager Family
Elaine and Mike Stephens
The Stephenson Family
Carolyn and Kevin Stewart
The Stewart Family
The Swayne Family
The Tant Family
Chris Reid and Mandy Thayer
Mary Nell and Scott Thompson
Maria and Craig Tierney
The Tweeten Family
Bonnie and Darryl Tyler
The Watkins Family
The Wheless Family
The Widmayer Family
The Willey Family
Nila and Jeff Williams
Parker Williamson
Katherine and Jay Wilkerson
The Zaki Family

Tax Deductible Donations:
Sandra and Steve Byrd
The Brice Family
Susan Cherry
Jan and John Garside
Amanda and Bobby Ramseur
Bunny and Jamie Ratledge
Alicia and Sandy Smith
Erik and Brigid Troan




It’s never too early to urge family, friends & neighbors to support DMS FUNDRAISING!

If you haven’t already done so, please LINK THOSE CARDS! Just using your Harris Teeter VIC card can earn Daniels easy money.  You can use the link below to sign up or link your card the next time you are in the store. Our Daniels Together In Education number is 2807.
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