Principal’s Message from Dr. Elizabeth Battle – August 26, 2016

Good Afternoon!  This is Elizabeth Battle, principal of Daniels Magnet Middle School with some announcements for next week!

We can’t wait to see you tomorrow. I hope everyone had a great summer and is looking forward to starting school.

Students report to the gym and the cafeteria to start school and are dismissed from there to class.

Parents – Please note that Monday, September 5, is a holiday and school will be closed for students and staff.

Our school hours are 8:15 to 3:00. Students should arrive on campus no earlier than 7:45. Students who arrive earlier than 7:45 will be asked to remain outside as we do not have adult supervision in the building until teachers arrive at 7:45.

Students – Learn your bus route number! Learn your bus route number! The route number does not change but the bus numbers do. Buses breakdown and are replaced or run other routes. Just remember your route number! Students should be at their assigned stop 15 minutes prior to their scheduled pick up time. Families that do not have access to the internet should contact us at 919-881-4860 for bus route information.

Parents can check for bus delays by visiting the WCPSS Transportation website at If a Daniels bus is running late, using a substitute driver, or experiencing any incident that would result in a change in service, it will be reported on this website.

North Carolina law requires the MCV and Tdap immunizations for entry into 7th grade. Students will not be able to attend school after the twentieth day if this documentation is not received. Please turn in MCV/Tdap immunization records to Student Services as soon as possible.

Daniels has been chosen to be a BYOD, Bring Your Own Device School in January 2017. Students will be able to bring their own device to school to use in class as a learning tool with the teachers permission. Board policy states that electronic devices should not be on or visible except as permitted by the teacher. Therefore, we will not allow students to use their electronic devices before school in the gym or the cafeteria, nor in the hallways. They are to be used under the guidance of a teacher for learning.

Just a reminder that lunch and breakfast prices increased by .25 this year. Breakfast is now 1.50 and lunch is 2.50, the reduced price still remains .40 for lunch and breakfast is still free for the reduced students. Also, if there is a spending limit on their students account it might have to be adjusted. THANK YOU.

All students interested in trying out for a fall sports: please make sure to have a current physical, concussion form and middle school participation forms complete and turned in before tryouts. Tryouts will start on Tuesday at 3:15 for all fall sports. If you have any questions or concerns on athletic participation, please visit out athletics link on our Daniels website, or contact Coach McGuire. Go blue jackets!

Ms. Yosai has a few open seats in 6th Grade Beginning Band.  If you think you would LOVE playing an instrument in band – it’s not too late.  Please see Ms. Yosai in the Band Room to get your schedule changed. Come, Be Part of the Band!!

Summer reading logs are due by Friday, September 16th.  Students can give the reading logs to their homeroom teachers.  We will provide a celebration for our students who completed summer reading.

All NJHS members will have their first meeting this coming Tuesday, August 30, at 3:10 pm in the collaboration room. The make-up meeting will be Wednesday, August 31 during lunch & smart lunch in the collaboration room. All members coming to the Tuesday meeting will need to have their rides at school to pick them up by 3:45 pm outside the cafeteria.

Thank you to all who helped Beta Club last year raise money for a well in Uganda.  The well was built over the summer and is currently being used by 1500 people for clean water.  Pictures of the well, village, and sign will be on the Beta Club website soon.  Thank you again.

Monday, August 29– First Day of school

Tuesday, August 30 – There will be an NJHS Meeting at 3:10 and Sports tryouts begin at 3:15.

Thursday – There will be an instrument rental meeting for band parents at 3:30

Please be reminded that Daniels enforces the Wake County Dress Code Policy. Per Wake County School Board Policy, dress code violations include, exposed undergarments, sagging pants, excessively short or tight garments, head covering of any kind, and attire that exposes cleavage. We ask students who are not dressed appropriately to change. If they do not have a change of clothes either a parent brings a change of clothing or the student will be in in-school suspension for the day.

Parents – If you plan to volunteer at Daniels, please note that all continuing volunteers approved for the 2016 -2017 school year MUST reactivate as a volunteer no later than 4:00 p.m. on October 31, 2016. Volunteers may go to the Daniels Media Center or any WCPSS site and register through the intranet.  After October 31, individuals previously approved may not volunteer without a new criminal record check.

Please don’t forget to relink your Harris Teeter VIC card to Daniels. We earn money whenever you purchase Harris Teeter products. Our school ID number is 2087 or the cashier can look it up at the register.

Parents – If you need to check out your student during the school day for an appointment, please have your student bring a note to the main office before school starts. The office staff will give your student a yellow pass to show their teacher at the time they need to leave class. This will expedite the check-out process for you and your student.

The 2015-2017 Student/Parent Handbook is now online in English and Spanish.  It can be found at or by going to and clicking on the Parents Section.

That is all of the announcements we have for this week. I hope you have a great weekend.  As always, I thank you for your support.

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